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Serra Oca Wines


Quinta do Olival da Murta has, since its origin, a history of grape and wine production. With a climate influenced by the Atlantic and the proximity of Serra de Montejunto, the Quinta is located in the “Lisbon Wine Region”, which is characterized by aromatic red wines, rich in tannins and with great capacity to age in bottle, and a great diversity of fresh and balanced whites.

Serra Oca wines are produced from Portuguese grape varieties, from organic certified agriculture. The harvest is manual and the grapes are vinified in a simple way, with natural yeasts, privileging time as a fundamental factor for the quality of the wines.


Serra Oca, where is said you can hear the sea.

The writer José Saramago repeatedly mentions the Serra de Montejunto… “Blimunda goes taking note of the path in his memory, that mountain, that forest… we walked so far that we arrived, Monte Junto, passola” -...- For the Montanes the horizon it's vast. The land and the sea interpenetrate. ”From one end to the other, from Sintra to Serra da Neve, Montejunto, the mountain is broken below and the sea enters through it”.

From its large number of caves and algares, from the ridges of the mountain and from the eyes of water, its people say that its lakes do not dry up because it has no bottom ... feeding legends of treasures and enchanted moors, who “communicate” somewhere with the sea or other unknown stops.

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