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We develop touristic activities based on local culture and countryside daily life, which support values of environmental and social ethics.

Please contact us to schedule the activity, or for other events or venue. 

  • Wine tasting

  • Grape Harvest

  • Trees Planting

  • Indigenous plants identification walk


All activities are subject to availability and reservation is required.

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Quinta da Murta.jpg

Wine Tasting

Prova de vinhos

Visit to the vineyards and winery with a tasting of 4 wine references, accompanied by local products.

Duration: 1H30 | Minimum of 2 people | 30€ / person

Tasting times: 10h30 / 14h30
The tasting is not exclusive, you can share the tasting with other visitors.



Grape Harvast

Participation in the harvest and winemaking process and tasting a wine reference. 

Conditioned by the time of year.

Duration: 2H | Minimum of 2 persons | 30€ / Person

Planting Trees

Plantacao de arvores

Planting native trees as a way to increase biodiversity and reduce global warming.

Duration: 2H | Minimum of 2 persons | 30€ / Person

Indigenouse Plants Identification Walk

Passeio de identificacao de plantas autoctones

Farm tour and recognition of species of our native flora.

Duration: 2H | Minimum of 2 persons | 30€ / Person 

Oficina: Plantar
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